NPersistence Reference Guide


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A persistence provider supplies an instance of this interface to the AddTransformer()()()() method. The supplied transformer instance will get called to transform entity class files when they are loaded or redefined. The transformation occurs before the class is defined by the JVM.
Load states returned by the ProviderUtil SPI methods.
Interface implemented by the persistence provider. Invoked by the Persistence class to create an EntityManagerFactory.
Determine the list of persistence providers available in the runtime environment.

Implementations must be thread-safe.

Note that the getPersistenceProviders method can potentially be called many times: it is recommended that the implementation of this method make use of caching.

Holds the global PersistenceProviderResolver instance. If no PersistenceProviderResolver is set by the environment, the default PersistenceProviderResolver is used.

Implementations must be thread-safe.

Interface implemented by the container and used by the persistence provider when creating an EntityManagerFactory.
Specifies whether entity managers created by the EntityManagerFactory will be JTA or resource-local entity managers.
Utility interface implemented by the persistence provider. This interface is invoked by the PersistenceUtil implementation to determine the load status of an entity or entity attribute.