NPersistence Reference Guide
Specifies a secondary table for the annotated entity class.

Specifying one or more secondary tables indicates that the data for the entity class is stored across multiple tables.

If no SecondaryTable annotation is specified, it is assumed that all persistent fields or properties of the entity are mapped to the primary table.

If no primary key join columns are specified, the join columns are assumed to reference the primary key columns of the primary table, and have the same names and types as the referenced primary key columns of the primary table.


Example 1: Single secondary table with a single primary key column.

public class Customer { ... } 

Example 2: Single secondary table with multiple primary key columns.

public class Customer { ... }

Namespace: NPersistence
Assembly: NPersistence (in NPersistence.dll) Version: (


public sealed class SecondaryTable : Attribute


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 XNA Framework Only 

 .NET Compact Framework Only 

Initializes a new instance of the SecondaryTable class
(Optional) The catalog of the table. Defaults to the default catalog.
(Required) The name of the table.
(Optional) The schema of the table. Defaults to the default schema for user.

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