NPersistence Reference Guide
Specifies the table that is used for the mapping of collections of basic or embeddable types. Applied to the collection-valued field or property.

By default, the columns of the collection table that correspond to the embeddable class or basic type are derived from the attributes of the embeddable class or from the basic type according to the default values of the Column annotation. In the case of a basic type, the column name is derived from the name of the collection-valued field or property. In the case of an embeddable class, the column names are derived from the field or property names of the embeddable class.

  • To override the default properties of the column used for a basic type, the Column annotation is used on the collection-valued attribute in addition to the ElementCollection annotation.
  • To override these defaults for an embeddable class, the AttributeOverride annotations can be used in addition to the ElementCollection annotation. If the embeddable class contains references to other entities, the default values for the columns corresponding to those references may be overridden by means of the AssociationOverride annotations.
If the CollectionTable annotation is missing, the default values of the CollectionTable annotation elements apply.



[Embeddable] public class Address {
   protected String street;
   protected String city;
   protected String state;

[Entity] public class Person {
   [Id] protected String ssn;
   protected String name;
   protected Address home;
   [ElementCollection]  // use default table (PERSON_NICKNAMES)
   [Column(name="name", length=50)]
   protected Set<String> nickNames = new HashSet();

[Entity] public class WealthyPerson extends Person {
   [CollectionTable(name="HOMES")] // use default join column name
      [AttributeOverride(PropertyName="street", Name="HOME_STREET")]
      [AttributeOverride(PropertyName="city", Name="HOME_CITY")]
      [AttributeOverride(PropertyName="state", Name="HOME_STATE")]
      [UniqueConstraint(TableRef = "HOMES", Name = "unique1", ColumnNames = new String[] { "HOME_STREET", "HOME_CITY" })]
   protected Set<Address> vacationHomes = new HashSet();

Namespace: NPersistence
Assembly: NPersistence (in NPersistence.dll) Version: (


public sealed class CollectionTable : Attribute


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Initializes a new instance of the CollectionTable class
(Optional) The catalog of the table. If not specified, the default catalog is used.
(Optional) The name of the collection table. If not specified, it defaults to the concatenation of the name of the containing entity and the name of the collection attribute, separated by an underscore.
(Optional) The schema of the table. If not specified, the default schema for the user is used.

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