NPersistence Reference Guide

The ManyToMany type exposes the following fields.





 XNA Framework Only

 .NET Compact Framework Only

(Optional) The operations that must be cascaded to the target of the association. When the target collection is a Dictionary<(Of <(<'TKey, TValue>)>)>, the cascade element applies to the map value. Defaults to no operations being cascaded.
(Optional) Whether the association should be lazily loaded or must be eagerly fetched. The EAGER strategy is a requirement on the persistence provider runtime that the associated entities must be eagerly fetched. The LAZY strategy is a hint to the persistence provider runtime.
The field that owns the relationship. Required unless the relationship is unidirectional.
(Optional) The entity class that is the target of the association. Optional only if the collection-valued relationship property is defined using generics. Must be specified otherwise.

Defaults to the parameterized type of the collection when defined using generics.

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